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Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?


Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?

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I Had almoste all devices from samsung. But I will never buy samsung brand again. All devices are unusable after few years. Samsung never more!!!!

Very dissappointing from Samsung. We are using Samsung devices but we will not use these products anymore, also, I will tell others not to use them. I do not think this is even legal! Shame on Samsung!

@AntS wrote:

Hi @lofty29.


What model TV do you have? It sounds like the app developer (YouTube/Google) has decided to no longer support that model with that app.

I have a visio, became disabled barely make enough to survive but my biggest enjoyment is watching my videos.  I am hoping someone may know an affordable way to get from my phone or computer to my TV.  Have tried to ask you tube.  IDK,  t says can have a free trial of you tube red but all I want is my videos if I can work out the cost after free trial am willing to do without something else,  with advanced Copd many limitations and need eye surgery, hearing not the best lol trying to help anyone willing or able to give me some ideas why this is so important to me.  It distracts my mind in such a positive way and I so need that.  Have a blessed day

There is a very affordable option called a Chromecast. You can buy it in Best Buy/Walmart or online directly from the Google Store. It also will turn your TV into a much better smart TV.

Cool. So if Samsung sends me one free of charge I won't need to take the matter further. As long as I can watch You Tube without having to purchase a new TV, I am content.

No chance of that since it is a Google product. Samsung would only push their own products, which means you will be told sorry, you'll need a new TV. But after all of that fighting back and forth with them, I recommend you try a Chromecast to avoid the situation in the future.

Hi all,


As I said I would a few weeks ago, to update you on the review on Oldtube’s app:


The final decision on it is we’re afraid we’re unable recommend or endorse an app that has not been officially added to the Smart Hub.


However, we would like to say that we very much appreciate the effort made in this instance, and do encourage you guys to continue to discuss workable alternatives to view YouTube content on your older TVs.


Furthermore, just to add, this YouTube issue affects multiple devices across multiple brands for the exact same reasons – and with much the same response industry-wide. I’d like very much to keep this thread open so peeps can share more ideas, help and experiences with workarounds though.

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nonsense !!
then why dont Samsung DO SOMETHING to recommend or endorse an app that can be officially added ??
this is simply lip service.
I'm more than willing to distribute my app thru the Smart Hub, as long as you accept that I'm a single individual developer living in a 3rd world country, and hence I cannot pay for doing it so. To be clear, my main focus is to distribute in my own country, and for I saw in the page, the app would be only distributed in the US unless I sign a contract with you.

So of none of that is really required, please help me to upload it to the SmartHub.

Or if you prefer to endorse an open source app, I can publish the code in no time. Seriously there isn't something hidden, complex, dangerous, out of usage terms or whatever on it.
"this YouTube issue affects multiple devices across multiple brands for the exact same reasons"

Well no quite, I understand there may be devices that are not HTML5 capable, and required a Flash video player, but this is not the case here. At least in the TVs where my app works, you are simply having a configuration or support issue that removed the YouTube app from devices that are actually CAPABLE of running the newer app. You don't need to update the TV firmware or do something costly, you just have to check a couple of checkmarks in a webform and all this people would recover YouTube on their TVs....
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