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Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?


Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?

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What we are supposed to do with this now? 

Our TV have to be switched or update? 

Hey everyone! 


We just wanted to clarify that the decision is made with the app provider to no longer provide support to our TV's. We've done some digging around, and there are multiple devices this has affected.


There are options to screen mirror and cast from other devices to your TV's, which we would welcome the Community to discuss and share tips. 



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Hi Ryan !

But is not Samsung a big Word grade company?

C'mon : try to solve the problems of your customers or you'll loose them.

Ciao from Italy

Hi Ryan,


You can not just abandon your customers and blame google for it !!!


Samsung is no doubt responsible for updating their "Smart"-TVs (which are BTW not from 70s!) to accommodate applications evolutions...


Your suggested alternatives = making fun of your customers !!! 


Skype,facebook,....and now youtube... what next ommissions are you preparing for us?


So we all paid expensive prices for what is becoming a flat screen while you remove its "smart" functions one after another...


Great job loosing your customers...

Why moderator delete previous post??? Lol, Samsung never more after this nazy behaviour!

Ryan, you (and Samsung),are going in circles,the obvious,to us Samsung's customers,is that this was coming for a long time,and Samsung must have been aware of it,the question is"Why Samsung,that is a company with thousands of engineers and IT employees did not do anything to remedy this situation",is it really an intractable problem or what???,unbelivable!!!


Same for me. Very disappointing from SAMSUNG.

Would the Evolution Kit help here?


I haven't updated with an Evolution Kit, but that was supposed to be Samsung's answer to future proofing their Tv's back when I bought this UN55ES8000 TV in 2013.


I know these Evolutuon Kits have a faster processor and more memory as well as a revamped Smarthub just not aware if this would help here...

I'm surprised it's lasted as long as it has. This has been a lame TV, anyway. We're better off buying a "dumb" TV and adding better technology externally.

1. Honestly, the device's browser was less functional than my cell phone when I purchased the television.  


2. Most of the other devices listed on the Youtube sight has upgrade options.  


Bottom line Samsung marketed their product as the superior smart television experience; however, as stated I found the functionality of the software subpart even at release time. You should have calculated back then that flash technology was on its way out. JAVA was already known to be problematic. During my experience with the product I felt the consumer was the last consideration.  

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