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Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?


Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?

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I agree. I have a 2015

This is ridicilous, samsung advertised My smart TV as youtube capable, with the youtube brand on the box! 


I would like to understand If its possible to take legal action against this, otherwise they will remove other functions tomorrow!! 


Samsung this stinks, mental note to self never buy or recomend samsung again!!



I think we need to tweet to samsung...... let them know of our discontent.  It is ridiculous to have something a couple years and have it lose some of its functions.  There is no reason samsung cannot work out something with youtube to update.


Hi @Soulfinder44, what's the full model code of your TV?


I am not soulfinder44........but my tv is model number   UN46ES7100FXZA

I don't find it acceptable to just hear the rationale from samsung that youtube is updating their app so tvs before 2013 will no longer be able to use the youtube app.  



My not so smart SMART-TV: UE46ES6715


This is how the webshop sold the TV, Feel free to translate



"Smart TV

Med SmartTV blir Samsung UE46ES6715 omgjort fra bare en TV til en komplett mediasentral. Du får tilgang til en rekke materiale, apps og internettjenester via Samsungs applikasjonsbibliotek. Se morsomme videoer på YouTube, oppdater Facebook eller Twitter, eller bare surf rundt på nettet. Mulighetene er nesten uendelige, og nye apps utvikles fortløpende, så du skal få mest mulig ut av din nye Smart TV."



Shame on you, this is not acceptable,  What will not work tomorrow????














 Next functionality to be removed can be seen on this old advertising image


I noticed Twitter is no longer supported and last year Microsoft dropped Skype support too.  


This is sad.  A Smart TV should be able to continue to support the top streaming app if it wants to be considered smart.


Does the evolution Kit help here???  


My Youtube on my Samsung Smart TV just stopped connecting today, 28 Jun 2017 !


2 days before the said 30 Jun 2017 !


So disappointed with Samsung Smart TVs ...  all the gimmick about Smart TV being upgradable is misleading

Will never ever buy a Samsung product again.  

Samsung does not have its customers in mind.

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