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Samsung Smart TV doesn't see my external hard drisk drive

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Hello! I've been looking for help at american community forum, i don't know how's it possible I didn't find the EU one. Only Samsung mod redirected me here :smiling-face: So, I will leave here my post from there, I can't find any solution. Thanks in advance for Your concern :catvery-happy:


Hello. I've come from far country looking for your help. You're my only hope, i tried almost everything.


My Samsung UE55d6500 doesn't see my obtained as a Christmas gift Western Digital My Passport 4 TB drive.

FIle system is NTFS, i tried almost exFAT. Then, I tried to convert drive from GPT to MBR. Then I created one 2TB partition - still nothing.


I'm out of any new ideas, I would be really grateful for Your help.



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