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Samsung Smart TV 55" Model MU7000 Series 7 - UN55MU7000F

(Topic created on: 27-05-2023 11:19 PM)
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Hello - we are out of ideas.

My parents have had this tv for a few years in their home using Verizon fios for cable tv.  

We recently moved them (and their TV!) into an assisted living.  The assisted living has DirectTV and it comes with the room and connects to the tv through coax cable.  

We have scanned every option for channels that is available.  It shows that it's picked up the 27 channels offered.  But we can't figure out how to actually get to the channels to watch them.

I have downloaded the manual, many of us has read it and we still can't figure out how to get to the cable channels.

All they can get to is Samsung TV and watch endless hours of Ion and History Channel.

If anyone can point me to the instructions, a youtube video or something that will help us get to the channels we'd appreciate it.