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Samsung Smart TV 49” curved screen


I have a New Samsung smart TV (purchased in November 2017) with a Voice Remote. First week the remote worked fine but now The voice remote works on and off. Some days it works ok and some days not at all. Model UN49MU6500FXZA
i have had three remote assists to no avail after going through a TV reset twice a smart Hub reset once and repairing remote more times than I care to mention. I’m in the process of hopefully receiving a new remote. However, I am wondering if that will resolve anything. My internet speed is 100+mb down and 11 mb up. I can use all functions but the voice remote function. It responds with “ Hmm, we’re having trouble connecting, try again later”. Hmmmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔😡


It seems as though Samsung have no intention of remedying this problem, I bought an MU7000 49 a couple of days ago for my blind father, the VR worked for a few hours then stopped working in the evening, basically they haven't spec'd their voice recognition servers high enough so during peak usage periods they can't handle the demand, given that there are complaints online going back two years I suspect nothing is going to change anytime soon sadly.

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