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Samsung Smart led tv has a purple patch

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I have a smart led tv Model No is UE48H6400, we have noticed this morning that there is a purple patch on the bottom right hand side. The tv is out of warranty, but I wondered if anyone else had the same problem and if they fixed it? We have run the tests and it shows up in all 3. Thanks 

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Yes please do, if anybody can get an accurate price for repiair that would be great. Ive tried with little success 😞

Small update for those interested in comparing prices:


I contacted the Official Service for Samsung. The cost for the "Identification check" is 20 euro. Then they can give you a more precise estimation of the repair cost. I will update this on a week. Meanwhile I will ask the prices for unofficial service (unofficial but still serious technicians only). 


The starting cost of the TV set was over 700 euro 3 years ago. Suddenly LG TVs seem more appealling to me for my next buys. It is a petty cz I was extremely happy with my product so far and actually suggested it last week to 3 colleagues as there are some interesting sales in my area these days. Needless to say they won't be bying it now.


If Samsung had any decency and wanted to keep their customers, they'd admit there is a fault with these TVs and sort it out. This shouldn't be happening to so many TV sets after just 2 years. It is an appalling fault.

For me, the most upsetting thing is I bought my TV with money my Grandad left me when he died. I thought I'd invest it in something I'd use and look at every day, and be grateful for, for a long time. Now I see purple blotches.

Please keep us updated on prices for repairs.

And how about an actual Samsung representative show their (virtual) face on here and explain to us why their TVs are going wrong after such a short lifespan? And why we are being asked to pay high prices to fix their bad manufacturing mistakes? 

I have exactly the same problem with a UN65JS8500.  The repair consists of replacing the whole panel, which would cost more than a brand new TV!!!  Of course, this is ridiculous.  The TV presented this problem after 2 years and 4 months of its purchase.  The funny part is that this kind of problem is being reported for Samsung panels now for a number of years.  Maybe I should have paid more attention, but it is difficult to collect information for all kinds of failures and identify a suspect manufacturer.  To have panels fail in such a short period of time in these expensive items is absolutely inexcusable.  Samsung should be replace these for free or by large discount. 


Although I do not believe that any manufacturer is devoid of quality problems, my previous experience was that Sony panels were far more durable and fault free.  Thus, I would eventually trash this TV, despite its high cost and return to Sony one.  Honestly, I am not going to buy a Samsung TV ever again.  When manufacturers fail me, I walk away and never return.   I think that this should be the appropriate reaction.  It is important to post this information to as many forums as possible to make sure that other potential buyers stay clear of Samsung TVs.


My TV has developed the Purple Patch issue, and from reading other stories online this seems to be an issue with Samsung TVs.  I have had a Samsung Repair Centre engineer inspect the TV  the screen needs to be replaced at a cost of 500 Euros.  LED failure!!  The TV is just 3 years old.  I have got no where with Samsung who tell me that the TV is out of warranty and all repairs must be paid for by myself. I was wondering if anyone taken this issue further and got any satisfaction?  Its a disgrace after spending 1300 euro on a TV and not to last even 3 years. 

Well, there is nothing else to do on a personal level.  Assuming that one wants to take this on and finds enough persons with the same issue, it is possible to launch a class-action suit here in the US.  Personally, I will sign up to get this suit going, provided that a group is ready to move on with it. 


What one can do is toleratet the problem (if possible) and move on and eventually purchase a new, non-Samsung TV.  This purple haze problem is afflicting a lot of their panels.  Apparently, whatever QA they have in place, it is not adequate to predict the failure of these panels.  Thus, considering that a whole host of their panel has developed similar problems, I think that it is really quite advisable not to purchase anything from this company until the issue is directly addressed.  At this time, Samsung pretends that it has not receive many such inquiries.  It may well be possible that the failure rate is low, and it is low enough for Samsung to tolerate it.  It is also possible that many users simply do not notice or do not bother to report the issue. 


I fully agree that this is an unacceptable failure for panels that are that new.  Here is a cause that one can vote on with their wallet.

Well having owned nothing but Samsung LCDs since 2006, and currently have 2 in use at the moment, I won’t be buying a Samsung again. I expect a high value purchase such as these to last a lot longer than 3 years! I can only thank my lucky stars that I took the extended warranty out on mine.

Official service is open 9 to 5 here, so I will give the tv on Saturday. Hopefully next week I will have news on the cost.




My problem is worse now. 5 patches in various places; it is spreading.

Samsung washing their hands of the issue it seems, as if their poor QA is somehow our fault. 

Apparently UK customers might have a case to complain under the Consumer Rights Act that these TVs were not manufactured to last for a reasonable time, and may possibly be returned to the retailer for refund even if out of warranty.

Could do with someone who knows more about this getting involved, I wouldn't know where to start... I do know that 2 years is a poor amount of time for an expensive TV to develop a fault. 

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