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Samsung Serif TV - Ambient Mode

(Topic created on: 29-10-2020 05:45 PM)
First Poster

Bought Samsung Serif TV in June 2019. Not a regular TV user but still have used the TV occasionally (say, twice-thrice a week). Have used the Ambient Mode more than other features (or programs).


Today discovered the News Bulletin feature available within the 'Info' category was missing - not sure for how long.

Good old power-off and power-on again did not work. Contacted Samsung Support via online Chat. The support person remotely accessed the TV (with my agreement/permission) and re-set the factory settings (the software was already up to date). Still no difference. If anything the re-setting has made at least couple of other noticeable changes, e.g. none of the apps, Netflix, Prime, or BBC News channels  any longer appear on the banner at the bottom of the Home screen. They have all gone to APPS, and have to be explicitly accessed every time by going to APPS. No change to Ambient Mode and the News Bulletin feature still missing.


Cannot find any information about it online. I suspect like me most Serif users aren't that regular tv viewers hence may not have noticed this useful/important feature has gone missing. But if anyone has experienced this or similar issue then please do share if you were able to fix it.


Finally the experience brings me to another conclsuion, as more of our domestic devices use software that have to be updated (whether automatically or manually/explicitly) there is more risk that every S/W update consumers will notice changes that may or may not be desirable to the consumers.