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Samsung Serif: Lower Edge Slightly Darker

(Topic created on: 08-10-2020 09:59 AM)

Hi folks,


I have got the Samsung Serif (2019) 49". Just from the beginning I noticed that the lower edge is slightly dim. It looks like a blurred shadow with no clear upper edge. It is mostly visible in uniform, bright colors like a white screen or in the Samsung popup menu. When the screen is clear white this "shadow" has a slight color tilt to greenish/brownish.

In normal viewing conditions the effect is not so obvious. In the beginning I thought it is just the shadow of the massive frame of the Serif, but this "shadow" is clearly not there on the other borders. Attached there are photos with a white screen and the relevant area marked in red.

Unfortunately I haven't got the chance to compare with another Serif till now. I suspect that this is an inherent "feature" of the cheap edge lit display and that it would be similar on another screen. I also searched for photos of the Serif online (not the official Samsung ones) and I tend to see a slightly darker edge in them, too - but there are no really good reference photos. Before I order a Samsung technician and exchange the screen for one with similar or worse characteristics I would like to know how other screens perform.

If all are the same, I would be willing to get used to mine.


Thanks for your advice!


samsung1.jpg samsung2.jpg

First Poster

I have just received my 43” Serif tv and it’s the same as you described and in your pictures. 

What happened with your TV? Did you find out if this is normal?

I am going to try and go to a store soon and see what the show TVs are like.



I did not find a solution, but I made some more investigation. I think it is not a problem of the panel itself, but of the construction of the television's frame. I still think it is not really a shadow, but rather a consequence of the light shining on the screen.

When I am in a totally dark room and I look straight at the screen, the dark border is almost not visible. When I switch on the light on the ceiling, the lower border is back. When I have light coming from the window on the left, the border is visible on the right side of the screen. My interpretation is that the external light changes the white of the screen - maybe there is kind of a prism effect close to the borders or the frame blocks the light falling on the screen, I do not have a final explanation.

While this is not fully satisfying, I learned to live with it. Maybe it is the price I have to pay for a screen with a design like that.

Nevertheless I would be happy if you or someone else could confirm this. A bright lamp (the flash of a mobile phone) moving around in front of the screen came in handy to investigate this.