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Samsung "Groundhog Day."

(Topic created on: 15-04-2019 10:32 AM)
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I'm new to this. My first post.  have the same problem which I see from the internet is a problem for others. Just bought a new Samsung UHD 40-inch TV and every time I switch it on I am asked to choose a region (happened about 20 times now)  -presumably Freeview region, in my case England. I called Samsung UK Support, and ended up talking to someone nice and local  - in Manila, The Philippines. I had great difficulty understanding what she was saying. She kept asking me to turn off Standby Auto Tuning, and I kept saying that disabling one of the TV's functions did not seem a proper solution to curing a problem., but she didn't understand the point I was trying to make.  She then asked me to re-tune the TV manually, which I did, and she then said the problem would be solved. I am not convinced. Why should I have to disable a function to cure a problem? Surely this must be a bug or software issue. Any answers, please?