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Samsung QN95a / games consoles blacking out intermittently...

(Topic created on: 01-01-2024 07:17 PM)

Hello. I’ve just bought a 55” QN95a - it’s connected to both a PS5 and an Xbox Series X. 

I've been having an issue, where when playing a game on either console, the screen/sound blacks out for about two seconds and then just goes back to normal. The game carries on in the background as it’s momentarily blacked out.


I’ve scoured the internet and it seems it’s a very common issue, particularly with Samsung Tv’s. 

ive been offered a replacement tv or just one connect box, and I’ve opted to try a new one connect (easier that packing up a whole tv etc) that should come in a couple of weeks. But I’m not convinced that it’s a technical fault, but rather something software / setting related.


Ive obviously spoken to Samsung, but as always, it’s just the usual, generic troubleshooting. I’ve tried factory settings, different hdmi ports, changing from 8bit to 10bit etc. But it persists.

Any other ideas? The tv works flawlessly otherwise, it would be wonderful to get to the bottom of this one issue



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I had this problem with Xbox Series X and Samsung QN95B. Intermittent black screen when gaming at 4k 120Hz. I have been using the high speed HDMI 2.1 cable that came with the Xbox. I recently purchased a 4k monitor which included a HDMI 8k 60hz cable. Since trying this cable on the tv, no more blackouts.