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Samsung QN91A Low saturated lines

(Topic created on: 23-03-2023 05:51 PM)
San JK
First Poster


TV: Samsung QE75QN91AATXXH

I'm getting low saturated lines on the central - upper side of the screen. Mostly magenta and red. Those lines are seen using Auto color space settings (I usually use it for movies).
Native color space settings make lines mostly disappear (they are still there, but doesn't bother me).
I use Native color space for PC SDR/ HDR gaming (can't change color space in Pc mode). Don't like to use it for movies as it looks unnatural.

What I use the TV for:
Gaming (PC input, Game mode, 4K60 4:4:4 8bit RGB or 4K60 4:2:2 10bit HDR RGB). Sometimes PC gaming with Game Console mode as an input device, because can't get Game Motion Plus using PC-Game mode.
Watching HDR movies from USB, Netflix from internal Smart Tv. Mostly HDR content.
Contrast/ Brightness are usually 40-50. Color 25. Local dimming high, Contrast enhancer off.

What I've already tried:
* Changed devices, HDMI cables. Internal smart tv, external google chromecast, PC, USB. All of them have lines (Although PC Mode has a little fewer than the others).
* Done cold reset (unplugged, 2 minutes)
* Done factory reset.
* Changing any settings other than Color space doesn't do a thing (lowering brightness, contrast, and color saturation make lines even more obvious. Those low-color lines are still there. Although they don't exist in black/white videos/ images.

Got my first TV in 2021 December. Had the same problem after 6 months of use (but those lines were far worse). Samsung Warranty Center send me another one. They said that the tv panel didn't work correctly. After 9 months of use, I have the same problem. I have 8 more months of warranty.
Maybe there's a reason for this problem. Should I send the TV back to Samsung again?

Photos are attached.



Magenta, Auto color space

Magenta, auto color spaceMagenta, auto color space


Red color, Auto color space. 

Red, auto color spaceRed, auto color space


Magenta, Native Color Space.

Magenta, native color spaceMagenta, native color space