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Samsung QN85A not turning on/off sound system using universal remote

(Topic created on: 23-08-2022 07:29 PM)
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Hi, so I just bought a QN85A and hooked it up to my KEF LS50 Wireless sound system over optical cable (no HDMI input on my speakers)

To my surprise it can control my sound system via the "Universal Remote" feature. When setting it up, it asks to do a "power test" where it was able to turn off my speakers over infrared. After setting up I can use the volume control and mute button to control the speakers, which is great! However, when I turn on or off the TV, the speaker system doesn't turn on or off.

I know that the TV can turn off the speaker because it managed to do it in the "power test", and this was done over infrared. However it refuses to do it outside the test. I just want it to control the speaker like it did in the test, but I can't seem to get it to work 😞

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

laura pots
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I’m having a similar issue - brand new Samsung and receiver - set up power tests are fine. The smart remote can turn the receiver off, but not on. It’s 2022 - this should work right?