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Samsung QLED TV QN90

(Topic created on: 08-04-2023 02:44 PM)
How do I stop the TV coming up with HDCP error when I turn it on, using a Sky Q box with UHD/HDR, I have bought a new 2.1 HDMI cable. 
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Hi @swills9 

Sorry you have had issues with Samsung and the Q Box.   I have the same set up myself but have  had not had many problems.  Sometimes removing the power cable for 30 seconds sorts it.   Just checking that you have UHD colour or Input Signal Plus turned on for the appropriate port. Do you have latest  TV firmware  which appears to be  2111.1, will be the same for different sizes. 

However in some cases  people do need to reboot Q Box and also possibly Tv  changing HDMI cable obviously has not had desired effect , I had this issue once but changing cable fixed it for me.  once back in Q system go to Settings-Audio Visual-Picture Resolution, set Resolution for UHD  and Find it For Me.  Obviously  some have more problems than others and appreciate the frustrations.    From my understanding  Boxes with external power supply work better, however obviously you may well have a modern system.       Some customers have found that issues happen  less often if they change the ECO setting to None but would still need to put the Box into standby manually. Changing HDMI control option has had an effect for some customers too.

However there was information a  little while ago  that there is an compatibility problem with the One Connect Box   and whilst they do work ok together the tuning of the distribution of the One Connect Box (q part of it) needs resetting at times. 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

Yes, tv was updated when I bought it a week or so ago, thecQ box outputs at 2160p sometimes the HDCP error is just seconds and it clears, other times I have to switch Sky Q off with remote, then on again, which also clears it.