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Samsung QLED Q6DR will not recognize my reciever

(Topic created on: 04-12-2021 11:43 PM)
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I have a Samsung QLED Q6DR TV connected to a Sony STRDH790 Receiver.  The pair have worked great for me for a little over a year now, but today its been giving me problems. 


On TV mode (on receiver), my Samsung TV will no longer play sound on the surround sound system, but it will through the TV speakers.  Ive checked the options on the sound output settings and it only now gives me the option for TV speakers, Optic, and Bluetooth speakers.  It won't recognize my receiver like it normally would.  When I restart the TV, the option for the receiver appears, but then disappears when I click on it.  





I have an Amazon Fire TV Cube connected through one of the HDMI ports on the receiver and it will transmit the sound through the home theater system.  


So I'm curious if I might be over looking something or if my Samsung TV might be having issues.  My Samsung remote will no longer control the volume on the receiver.  It will not control my amazon fire tv.  Its strange to me because it was all working yesterday.  Please help!

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Looks a little similar to my issue I've just posted but I see no replies to yours in over 4 months. So I guess we're stuck. If you solved yours give me a shout. I'm thinking of swapping over the HDMI cables and removing optical link see if that makes any difference. For my issue the sound still does go to the home theatre system i've set up, but i can no longer control it via remote control. So could be worse. just have to get up and change the volume manually like a caveman 🙂

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Same problem here. I keep getting MCH Stereo TV. When I use the buttons on the receiver I can get Multi CH Stereo, which is surround sound, but after a couple of seconds it reverts to MCH Stereo TV and only uses the TV speakers. It has worked correctly until recently. I changed HDMI cable, so it is not a bad cable. I have had more problems with this "smart" TV than with my previous "dumb" TV.