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Samsung QE7560RATXXC (2019 QLED 75")

(Topic created on: 23-11-2020 04:28 PM)
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Hello. I have a issue with my Samsung QLED TV when it comes to connecting my PC via HDMI to the TV.


My computer has a Asus motherboard, Geforce 680 GPU, INTEL Xeon CPU and 16 GB DDR4. It's running Windows 10 PRO. 


I have two ways to connect the PC to the TV.

Connection 1: A direct connection with a HDMI cable from the PC and in to the HDMI-1 on the TV. This connection does not work! The TV do detect that something is connected and tries to compute it, but gives up and claims “No Signal. Check Cable.”

Connection 2: I connect the PC to my Pioneer receiver and then from the receiver to the TV, with a HDMI cable and to the HDMI-1 on the TV. Now the TV detect the connected unit as a PC and the Windows 10 desktop is showing crystal clear on the TV-screen. It works, but with errors, such as:

*) When playing videofiles, (.MOV .AVI .WMV etc.), the TV gives up the connection and claims “No Signal. Check cable.” The signal will only return again, after the videofile is stopped and closed.

*) When playing content from Chrome web-browser, like youtube and other sites with video, and especially when full screening the content, the TV gives up the connection and claims “No Signal. Check cable.”

*) When using a web-cam-software like Zoom (Skype-alike), and when someone is doing the so-called “screensharing” in the Zoom-app, the TV gives up the connection and claims “No Signal. Check cable”, but after a few seconds, the connection is stabil again.


This is my own troubleshooting:

*) I have testet the HDMI cable on another TV, a Samsung UE50ES5505 (2012?). I connect the PC to this older TV, and the connection is perdect. No erros, no unstable quality or connections, no problems when using skype, zoom, chrome, video-players, no problems at all. 

*) I have updated the sofware on the TV.

*) Called the norwegian Samsung-support who could do nothing, only telling me to buy another (older) TV. The just couldn't understand why this happend and had no explanation on why the newer Samsung-TV's don't support a perfectly fine PC.


So now I'm letting you guys now, and maybe there is a wise person who understand the depth of the newer Samsung TV's, so he or her can tell me why a TV from 2019 doesn't like computers. Does the TV require a special HDMI-cable? Does the TV have some problems with the software, wich then Samsung can investigate and fix? Is it my motherboard on the computer or the GPU-card? Why is it working fine on other TV's? Is it somthing else? Pls tell me.


- Rob