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Samsung QE65S95BA TXXU issue with Sky box

(Topic created on: 10-04-2023 07:02 PM)
Paul Donno
First Poster

I bought new Samsung QE65S95BA TV on 31 December 2022 and had issues with Sky Box not firing up and getting stuck on the sky box green light.  The only way to resolve the issue is to turn the sky box off and then it works again.  The problem is very intermittent.  I called Sky out at the beginning of March and they replaced all the boxes in our house with brand new boxes and the HDMI leads.  The problem happened again.  I called Sky out again and they checked their forums to find that this is a known issue with this TV and Sky.  I visited currys in Cambridge who said they cant help although I bought it from them and they said to call Samsung.  I called Samsung today and very difficult to hear and understand the person.  They wanted me to troubleshoot no doubt with their checklist, but I am convinced it is a known issue.   Not sure what to do about this as really annoying to keep rebooting the sky box for if we are lucky a couple of days fix.  

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Hi @Paul Donno . I have the same set up myself with Skyq  (is it this box?) but have had not had many problems. I occasionally have got this screen does not support HDCP message but removing the power cable for 30 seconds has sorted it.
However in some cases people do need to reboot Q Box and also possibly Tv , cables can sometimes go faulty but obviously the  HDMI cable has been changed.  Obviously some have more problems than others and appreciate the frustrations. From my Boxes with external power supply work better. However this will not be universal. Some customers have found that issues happen less often if they change the ECO setting to None but would still need to put the Box into standby manually. Changing HDMI control option has had an effect for some customers too.

However there was information earlier that there is an compatibility problem with the One Connect Box and whilst they do work ok together the tuning of the distribution of the One Connect Box (q part of it) needs resetting at times. Sky software engineers working on it but as far as I am aware have not yet found a solution.  I have a TV though without a One Connect Box.

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