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Samsung QE55QN85A - standard definition game mode issue

(Topic created on: 08-12-2021 01:03 AM)
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Hello all,

So, when playing standard definition gaming content on this TV (from a Gamecube or original Xbox via HDMI for example), and ONLY when 'game mode' is on, the image is split down the exact middle of the TV. The right half is blurred, the left half is crystal clear. It's very hard to see in photos, but is blindingly obvious when in front of the TV. It's a bizarre bug. This split screen divide leaves a line where the 2 halves of the screen meet. If you look at the image below, you can see on the white lines a clear divide, the right half is blurred and the left half is sharp. Again hard to see in photos, but incredibly distracting in games.

The fact it only happens in 'game mode' and only with standard definition content leads me to believe it is a software issue, and how the TV handles standard definition 'game mode' content.


4k, 1080p and 720p content does not show this issue, only on standard def stuff like 480p and 576p.

I've ruled out the HDMI cables, i've tried multiple, same issue with each one, and have tried different HDMI ports, same issue again.

And the issue is not specific to 1 device, it happens with all standard def stuff i've tried. It seems as though the TV has trouble processing standard definition content via HDMI when 'game mode' is on, and i need game mode on.

ISo strange. Any ideas??? Is there a way for me to report a bug directly to Samsung??

It's very distracting when playing a game, and i play a lot of older standard def stuff.

Any info/suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance!


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First Poster

I am having the exact same issue with a UE50TU7192U TV - this is the only other instance I've found of anyone with this problem.

I've found somewhat of a temporary fix - switching the source to TV and back to HDMI enough times (yes, really - the amount of times you have to do it seems completely random). Eventually it will work, but if the game switches resolution and the picture has to reset, the glitches will come back. Depending on your use case (Game Boy Interface for example) it might just be enough for a playsession.

Extremely annoying, and seemingly totally preventable since it DOES work sometimes... Wish we could get any sort of response from Samsung about this, but the issue might just be too obscure for anyone to care.

Here's a recording of the issue: