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Samsung QE55QN700ATXXU

(Topic created on: 30-11-2022 12:03 PM)
I've been having issues with the screen on my new TV which was purchased in June, to the point its unwatchable. Screen goes blank then flashing blue then keeps resetting. I contacted Samsung remotely, they took over my TV and did some checks was told to monitor how it goes. This did not solve the problem so I contacted them again. She went through all the trouble shooting on the TV but the problem was just getting worse. Eventually she agreed there was a technical fault and advised me to send a video and my proof of purchase. I did, I got a confirmation and was told I would be called within 1-2 working days withe next steps. This did not happen, instead I got a similar email basically stating the same thing. 2 days later, nothing.
So I called Samsung Customer Services this morning. I spoke to Mark. What an awful experience. I went through everything. He said he'd watched the video after being put on hold for 15 mins. He then suggested troubleshooting, I explained this had been done twice. So I texted me a repair centre number. I called the number, the guy asked for a job number. I wasn't given one, so I had to call back Samsung. I got Marc again. He refused to give me a job number, instead he said he will sort it with the centre then transfer me. So after another 10 minutes I was transfered. I was flabbergasted to be informed by the repair centre guy that Marc had told him I had refused troubleshooting. This has been done twice. I've had to disconnect my TV because its unwatchable and I'm afraid in case it's unsafe.

The guy at the centre is going to try and sort the problem out.

I am totally disappointed and disgusted with the service I have received. I have a lot of Samsung devices and have been a customer for a very long time.
I don't see what the problem is. The TV is less than 6 months old and still under warranty. 

Sorry Samsung, I think you have just lost a loyal customer 

You not the one had same issue, Samsung you have lost very good love customer whom buy Samsung for years this time will be stop and move on different making.
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I totally agree with you Samsung really don't give a *****. I was a loyal Samsung customer but not anymore!!!