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Samsung Q95TD Delivery Issues

(Topic created on: 16-05-2022 12:24 PM)
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Hi, just looking some advice. I ordered the Q95TD 75 inch on the 1st of May. I booked my delivery slot for the 13th of may (I wanted to give enough time to arrange for someone to be in when it was being delivered) but on the 13th I got no notifications of delivery. So I had a chat with Samsung and they eventually told me it was now coming on the 14th, again 14th came and went and I was told the 16th by the delivery partner "Panther." 

Again, today is the 16th and I received no text or emails relating to the delivery, so I got back onto chat with Samsung and after an hour they couldn't tell me where the TV was or when it would be delivered. I have someone again waiting around for this on Saturday and again today, so it's been a complete waste of time chasing this up. Samsung have told me it's been escalated to an internal review team who will be in contact with me, but nothing as of yet. 

Should I cancel this order entirely to save myself the hassle, as it seems the 75 inch TV is lost somewhere? Has anyone any experience dealing with Samsung staff who could maybe reassure me that it will eventually reach me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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