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Samsung Q95T repeatedly fails to record

(Topic created on: 20-12-2021 09:38 PM)

Since buying this pile of rubbish one of the more annoying things about it is just how unreliable it is in terms of recording programs. It's so bad I have to run an old Humax alongside it to make sure my programs do at least get recorded by something. 

Sometiimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it starts recording very late or ends very early. Sometimes it doesn't bother at all and throws up a message about the start time not matching (despite a message popping up saying it's about to start recording). 

Samsung technical support is anything but - I feel sorry for the staff who are clearly paid peanuts to answer the phone but who have no knowledge of the products at all. What they tell you is just nonsense. 

So, anyone else had problems with their Tizen TV not recording? Anyone managed to actually fix it??

My old Series 7 Samsung TV never missed a beat when it came to recording. Why these OLED machines are so rubbish at it is beyond me (and Samsung it seems!).