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Samsung Q8FN HDMI source info doesn't update

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I'm sure this issue exists with other models but I have the Q8FN 55 inch. I think its easy to say like 99% of the time the source info is wrong. I have a PC on HDMI 1, xbox on HDMI 2. The main issue is when using HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 for example, the source info will never show the resolution, show if HDR is on, and the name doesn't update. I could have the screen on HDMI 2 and playing xbox, the source info will say "PC". I know for sure the only way for me to get this TV to display the PC source info properly is if I have turn on the computer before turning on the TV. Switching to xbox or another HDMI source on the fly never updates properly. 

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I have the same problem on the 82 inch. I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet. I use a programmable remote with direct input switching buttons. For me, if I hit the input button again it causes the banner to update.
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