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Samsung Q85 (QE65Q85RATXXU) sound popping and cracking on external devices

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I’m currently on my third Q85 television set and before I pack this one up and send it back I’m hoping someone can help.


I have a Samsung QLED Q85 (only available in Europe I believe) connected to an Apple TV 4K, fire stick 4K and a PS4. The sound is fine when watching terrestrial tv and using apps through the tv itself, however when watching anything through any of the three external devices the sound pops, breaks and cracks. It’s intermittent, and sometimes there’s no problem at all, but if I notice it on one device, when I switch to another I am hearing the same problem. 


I’ve called Samsung several times and they have suggested it’s a compatibility issue which I find hard to believe given the popularity of the devices I’m trying to connect (I should also say the tv has no problem recognising the devices and is able to set the correct settings on the smart remote). I’ve changed the cables (even though I was already using high spec high speed hdmi cables), tried switching devices in different ports, performed factory resets on all devices, and ensured all software is up to date but it’s still happening. It was the same issue I had with the previous television (that I got replaced) so unless this is a known fault it can only be something I’m doing but am out of ideas.


I’ve made several adjustments to the setting such as turning anynet on/off. I only have the option of selecting PCM as the output. I have the tv connected to a sonos soundbar on a 5.1 setup via optical cable, however I also get the crackling when switching to the tv speaker so i’m confident it’s not the sound system.


Finally, samsung have performed several tests,

and have remotely reset the HDMI ports which temporarily resolved it but low and behold an hour later and it was back.


So all in all I’m pretty confused and all the basic troubleshooting steps I’ve found online don’t resolve the issue.


Samsung have escalated my recent issue with their technical support team, so I will post a response if they’re able to fix it. If anyone knows of anything else I might be missing and should try in the meantime, please let me know.


I love the picture and the tv itself so really hoping I can find a fix. Thanks so much in advance.


















I have the same problem as lots of other people it seems. I discovered that removing the aerial connection from the One Connect box solves the issue but this is just not acceptable. I will try leaving the TV on an SD channel to see if that makes a difference. I am currently having an aerial amplifier fitted to see if that makes any difference to the quality of the signal.

I have tried connecting Samsung bit they are not answering their phone line at the moment. I am therefore going to ask John Lewis to take the TV set back and supply a Panasonic set instead.

I doubt installing an amplifier will make any difference to the sound issue (popping and cracking), other than improving the quality of your signal from the aerial.  Yes, unplugging the aerial also seems to temporarily fix the problem, but a bit messy compared to making sure that my TV is on an SD channel before changing to an HDMI source. 


My QE55Q70R is covered by Curry's, Team Know How, and so I have decided to see if they can fix it the sound issue (what have I got to lose other than a few days without the TV).  Just got a text from them to say they need to order a new part?  Not sure if this will fix the problem (TV engineers these days just seem to replace parts)?  It will be interesting to discover if it has solved the sound issue when I get the TV back?  I will let everyone know if it does and what the engineer exactly did to fix it, but don't get your hopes up!


Samsung are you reading these messages because its impossible to get in touch with you!

I can’t imagine the fix is hardware unfortunately, as a few simple button presses and the issue is gone. I think it’s a software compatibility issue. A bug they never decided to fix. I find pressing the Netflix button then switching to hdmi is quicker then changing channels, as annoying as it is my last tv had just as many annoying bugs if not more and I just accepted it.

Very unlikely a new part will solve the issue because it's clearly a software issue.

 Currys just wasting yours and their time. 

Well after a little more experimenting I am totally convinced this is a Samsung TV problem, in my opinion connected with the One Connect box, and not anything to do with compatibility issues.


i have connected my player/recorder to the tv my new Samsung replaced and have had no sound issues at all. I then connected a blue ray player used on thus older tv to the Samsung and lo and behold I have the sound issue. 

I also discovered tonight that when setting up the record function for a number of programmes the sound issue was evident on the tv programme playing in the background. The Samsung tv was tuned to a HD programme! 

This must be a Samsung problem and is not connected to HDMI connected devices. I will be demanding that JOhn Lewis take it back and I'll replace it with another Panasonic set. 

Well my QE55Q70R has now returned from Team Knowhow.  The engineer replaced the main board and ensured my tv had the latest firmware.  Not surprisingly the sound issue (popping, crackling, etc.) is still there when switching the source to an HDMI device, whilst initially watching an HD channel, but if I'm was watching an SD channel no problem with the sound.  I didn't expect Team Knowhow to fix the issue given as previously said it is likely to do with the software, but I felt it was worth a try.  I have informed Team Knowhow that the sound issue is still there.  Also, Samsung sent a text asking for my feedback on the repair, which allowed me to let them know too.  Given the interest Samsung has shown in this sound issue I'm not expecting them to do anything about it.  I will just have to accept first going to an SD channel before switching to my blu-ray player or Humax Freesat receiver/recorder, which although very annoying is a small price to pay for an otherwise excellent television.  Let's hope Samsung get their act together and release a software fix. 

Hi. I'm so glad that I found this post.

I just bought a Q90R and am blown away with how good it is, except for the sound problem on external devices. 

I changed all my hdmi leads and thought it was fixed, but it returned intermittently. 

Since reading this post it can be fixed by changing to a non HD channel before selecting the hdmi. 

It's not perfect, but at least it is a work around that I can live with and it stops me from going crazy trying to find out what was causing it. 

The point is Graypal we should not have to take action to avoid the problem, Samsung should provide a fix for it. I'm not prepared to work around it and as soon as I can speak to John Lewis, impossible at the moment, I intend to demand a refund, despite how good the TV is. 

I agree with you mate, I didn't know how many people were having this problem until I found this thread. 

I am glad to know what the problem was as it was driving me mad. 

I do hope that samsung address this issue. 

I am pleased to report that I have been contacted by John Lewis customer services and they have agreed to take the tv back and refund my money. As a result I have now chosen a Panasonic tv to replace the Samsung. I'm really disappointed with Samsung as it is obvious that there is an inherent problem with this series of tv and they do not appear to be doing anything to resolve it. I will not buy Samsung again. 

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