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Samsung Q80T underwhelming

(Topic created on: 10-08-2020 03:30 PM)
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Hi All


I recently bought the 65inch Q80T here in Australia to replace a Hisense Series 8 TV.


I've found that out of the box:

1. The colors/brightness/contrast across sources is not great and have required substantial tuning. Even with tweaking i still find myself changing settings between day time/night time watching.

2. The sound is disappointing, for 60watt speakers I expected better clarity.  The hisense had 20w speakers if i remember right and the sound was clear and full.

3. Game mode + HDR on the Xbox One X looks terrible and required tuning just about every setting one can find that would boost color and brightness and remove the washed out look.


I will say the motion smoothing is better on this TV compared to the Hisense, but everything else is a bit disappointing right now. I'm hoping that with a few firmware updates and a soundbar these issues might fade away.


Has anyone got any advice and does anyone have the release notes for firmware 1304 ? (why isn't this version available on the software update option on the TV ?)


Apologies for referencing hisense so much I just thought i was buying an upgrade : ( 

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I should also mention the upscaling was quite shocking, any time my live TV changes from HD to standard definition i need to make sure sharpness is at 0 smooth things out.