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Samsung Q80T HDR/Game Mode Issues with XBOX Series X


Samsung Q80T + Xbox Series X


Gaming looks amazing, so long as I turn game mode OFF. I've had to disable a few other auto features like local dimming (can't be disabled, only set to "low")/contrast enhancer, which makes it a bit dark even though the contrast/brightness are (at default) 50! 50 is the default setting for brightness and contrast straight out of the box!?


Anyway, the picture looks great with game mode off, but Netflix/Disney+ have totally jacked up frame rates. It's like watching high speed footage or something. Bad soap opera. So we switch game mode ON (weird) and the frame rate is fine, but then the picture looks like garbage! It's like too many filters added. Bad HDR. Gray and we can see some cloudy bars. Extremely dark, as well.


Lastly, when gaming with game mode OFF, it experience bizarre changes in brightness. Most noticeably, this occurs within menus. Whites turn gray. Text on screen is very dark.


There HAS to be some sort of setting causing this. I've factory reset and updated to latest firmware. Please, dear god...HELP ME I'M GOING CRAZY


Samsung/MSFT/Best Buy have all been absolutely no help thus far.

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Try this, it worked for me, I have Xbox serie X and a brand new 65q95t Samsung Qled with the firmware 1340: In the Xbox menu go to setting/video option and try to disable the AUTO HDR option. 

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