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Samsung Q70r eARC update?

(Topic created on: 29-07-2020 05:35 PM)
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I purchased a Q80r soundbar and a Q70r QLED in fall 2019. I purchased with the expectation that eARC would be enabled on both of these products by the end of the year. I know this has been widely discussed in these forums. After spending well over $2,000 on both of these items, what is a reasonable timeline to have to wait for these updates? And, if they never occur, is there a false marketing class action that should be considered? I have all Samsung products in my home (appliances, phones, tablets, tvs, etc.). The first non-Samsung product I purchased recently was the TCL 6 Series for my bedroom. I have had a great experience and have had to move my soundbar down there to enjoy eARC. I think that, at a minimum, if this issue isn't resolved, we should be allowed an opportunity to trade in for the Q80t (the closest 2020 model). Thank you,