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Samsung Q6FN PC display no device detected - No Freesync

(Topic created on: 05-03-2019 07:07 PM)
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I am the owner of a Samsung TV Q6NF and a Samsung monitor S24E370D.


When switching between PC and TV most of the times the TV will display the message no device detected (so it does not detect the signal coming from the PC). 

Even if the connection is established, it can be interrupted resulting in black screen followed by same no device detected on the TV and constant blacks screen on the monitor. Only option being a hard computer reset. 

This happens if you chose from Windows 10 to select Display 2 instead of display 1(in my case the monitor). 

It does not happen if you chose Extend or Duplicate display.  Options also available in Windows 10 Display settings. 

The only way to have a temporary fix is to restart multiple times until the TV will finally recognize the PC. Becoming incredible frustrating. 
Game ON is ON / or OFF - it makes no difference. In the TV the source is chosen correctly. 
Of course same result if I either change HDMI ports from the back of my video card or from the back of the TV. I do not think it is a hardware issue between either PC / cable or TV itself....I blame this behavior on the TV.
Before this Samsung I had a Philips Android TV. Whenever i chose different display it would just act as such. The Samsung forces the Tizen software....the mouse pointer looking different.
You can clearly see that the TV does not behave like a normal display it holds some characteristics with the option to press HOME button and chose the Tizen app overlay. 
I have upgraded to the latest firmware version the TV.
Please provide support and clarification on the freesync issue. Help would be greatly appreciated
P.S.: I can provide PC specs, screenshoots troubleshoot if you like - waiting for instrcutions. 
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Exact same issue here too.