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Samsung Q60A Freeview

(Topic created on: 04-05-2022 01:05 PM)
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Hi, I recently bought Samsung QLED TV. Model QE43Q60AA. I have been trying to get freeview channels through aerial connection, but can't seem to get it work. It doesnt seem to pick up freeview channels (i.e. BBC, ITV, etc.)

I have looked at previous posts and have tried suggestions, but still no luck. Please could you help me set up freeview?

Is this model Freeview enabled? If so, how do I get it work? I was told by the store (Currys) that it is freeview enabled.


Do I need a set top box? If so, then wouldn't that make it not freeview enabled?

Many thanks.


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Hi @Members_oi9nl7U  I am sure all modern Tv's are freeview enabled.  

Check if there are any problems with Freeview in your area other options are to try the Automatic scan again. Some customers have found that scanning after removing the aerial and then reinserting provides a solution when channels are missing and your manual tune may be accessible. In other words scan with the aerial removed when obviously no channels will be found, however this can reset the connection. You would then need to scan with the aerial connected again and see if this makes a difference.

However there is the possibility that there is some issue with the aerial. some good advice re Booster and other points .See some more information here

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Thank you James4578. I tried the disconnecting/reconnecting aerial and still doesn't work. 


Will try the manual tuning. Fingers crossed.