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Samsung plus damages nieces mind

(Topic created on: 08-10-2021 04:18 AM)
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Smarthub autoplaying samsung plus… i get you want to provide a solution for samsung to get that reoccurring revenue. Today my niece got to watch a live surgery when we powered on the samsung for the first time. I know your intent had nothing to do with corrupting her young mind but this should be criminal. Lets bullet this out. 
1. Paid a lot for the tv. 
2. Installed the tv.

3. powered on tv and connected it to wifi
4. tv comes on and autoplays a completely random service i have not subscribed to or would ever accept.
5. attempt to stop the stream but am informed by the tv that the particular app is apart of the core operating system and not removable.
6. hit the web for ideas as the tv runs so slow clicking is painful so to find the solution alone is not happening tonight.
7. open the app and unsubscribe to the channels i never subscribed to. 
8. exit the app to have surgery channel front and center again. Obviously kid was rushed from the room prior, course damage is done thanks.
9. realize that now since we unsubscribed we cant change the channel so its hardcore blood and guts baby!
10. Set tv to auto open last known app in attempts to not vomit everytime we turn on the ad machine, i mean samsung tv.
11. Fail. Everytime we have to switch to an app that doesnt have that easy remote button you gotta watch a weiner getting the chop.
12. told tv not to open hub. Uninstalled samsung promotions. 
13. write this post and hope that its actually read by someone at samsung 

Black Belt 
@11 - BobbitTV is a thing now? Seriously though I hope your Niece gets over her brief scare and doesn't suffer too many sleepness nights from it.