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Samsung MU Series 2017 Smart TV's will do nothing after Samsung splash screen


I have two 2017 Samsung MU series smart TV's (40" and 60"). Yesterday morning I tried to power them on. After the "Samsung Smart TV" start up screen you cannot access the TV, just a blank black screen.


both TV's less than two weeks old.


i phoned Currys and Samsung support who both stated that this is a known issue and a global fault on all 2017 MU series smart TV's. At present Samsung do not have a fix or a way of delivering the fix to effected devices. Apparently there are A LOT of effected smart TV's in circulation. Many many thousands of devices! 


My choices are;


1/. Wait for a fix

2/. Back to store for exchange of full refund


Is anyone else having this issue? 


Does anyone have an update about a potential fix and delivery method?


i don't really want to take them back as I like Samsung but if there is no fix I have little choice. The communication from Samsung on this issue is poor. Nothing on their website. 



yes I have same problem, received a firmware update Thursday evening , once I switched off TV it would not switch on past blue screen, contacted Samsung Friday afternoon, was eventually told that it was a known firmware issue & to allow them 24-48 hrs to fix. They also told me to keep TV plugged in, so I am presuming there will be a firmware update with fix.
Done some searching around net and it appears its not the first time they have released
firmware which is unstable. Bad on you Samsung
I have always used Sony,LG,Pioneer equipment before and have updated the firmware numerous times and never had any problems after installation.
Very disappointed with Samsung.

Thanks for that update Paul. 


I guess we wait for the update to be pushed out in the next few days. 


Agreed it doesnt fill me with confidence about future firmware releases. 


Also wondering if Samsung will actually be able to push this out to the smart TV's or whether theres going to have to be some kind of manual USB update required. Suppose it depends on what state the TV is in when it goes past the intro screen. 


I  have been told to uplug the power for 2-3 hours, turn off my wifi and then power on. This has made zero difference though. 


On the plus side the lack of TV is making me do some jobs around the house. 


Hi all


Same issue here on my 8 week old MU series on friday evening. Struggled to turn the tv on, Samsung logo came on then the screen went blank. Phoned Samsung saturday morning, theyve told me of numerous similar complaints and that theres talk about being a software issue and to phone them in 48 hours time to let me know if they know any more.


Pretty disappointed with it all to be honest!





Anybody has any news about it?

I have the same problem on my UE55MU8005 and i didn't get any explication about any progress about it.




unfortuantly not, i called currys yesterday and they said no uplate. They told me to keep an eye on the Samsung website for an update but can't see any information about this issue at all. 


Im fairly lucky as I have until Wednesday (30 days) to return the Tv's for a full refund. I'm going to give it another 48 hours and if no response exchange for LG/Panasonic. 


Hopefully some news today.


The comms on this issue from Samsung is absoloutly shocking. I've had Samsung media devices for over 10 years but come wednesday if there is no update I'm afraid I'll have to move away from them as a supplier.


Im an IT contractor and have just equipped a building in london with £4.2 million of AV equipment. Screens were all Samsung. I shall think twice about the AV design in future technical fit outs given the current situation.



Anyone at Samsung reading these posts?

How about an explanation of what's happening. 


Hi all.


There's a similar thread on this here. But I want to assure you that we've seen this thread too, and are aware of the situation. We'll update you all as and when we're able.




So that's another business day finished with absoloutly no meaningful update on this problem from Samsung. 


I dont think it's too much to ask for an update on number of effected devices, root cause, progress made to date, anticipated timescales for fix and delivery method of potential fix.


The lack of information speaks volumes!


James - I share your frustration entirely. I too am the owner of one of the affected models. And, like you, my TV was purchased less than 4 weeks ago. My reseller, 'Richer Sounds' have been exceptional with the help they have offered (replacement TV etc) but I'd also like to see if a software fix could be offered. I thought this would be the quicker, less-hassle option.

So, come on Samsung - time to get your act together! Your customers deserve a detailed update and a PROMPT resolution. Otherwise, I suspect that collective patience is going to wear very thin and you're going to have lots of returned TVs on your hands.

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