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Samsung MU Series 2017 Smart TV's will do nothing after Samsung splash screen


I have two 2017 Samsung MU series smart TV's (40" and 60"). Yesterday morning I tried to power them on. After the "Samsung Smart TV" start up screen you cannot access the TV, just a blank black screen.


both TV's less than two weeks old.


i phoned Currys and Samsung support who both stated that this is a known issue and a global fault on all 2017 MU series smart TV's. At present Samsung do not have a fix or a way of delivering the fix to effected devices. Apparently there are A LOT of effected smart TV's in circulation. Many many thousands of devices! 


My choices are;


1/. Wait for a fix

2/. Back to store for exchange of full refund


Is anyone else having this issue? 


Does anyone have an update about a potential fix and delivery method?


i don't really want to take them back as I like Samsung but if there is no fix I have little choice. The communication from Samsung on this issue is poor. Nothing on their website. 




Samung you are an absolute discrace!


So you expect the customer to contact your call centre using their own time and resource, and then take a day off work to wait for an engineer to resolve the issue which will no doubt take weeks and involve many frustrations with you incompetant staff. Lets be clear here, this issue is a result of Samsung releasing a rogue update and you as a company should be taking the initiative to contact customers. 


Added to this no offer whatsoever of compensation for the week when the product wasnt working, phone call charges, loss of earnings for the proposed engineer day and general frustrations dealing with your awfull company. 


No thanks, i've already taken the devices back to the store and replaced with LG. 


I shall boycott Samsung products both personally and via my business which implements technical solutions into buildings including Audio Visual. 



I contacted customer support again and after explaining that I will not wait past Sunday for a repair as that is the last day I can return the tv I was told a repair could take place on Monday at the earliest, this being a bank holiday makes me think that it's b****x, I'm returning my Samsung tv and will never use them for anything again.

I can't believe how shoddy the service has been.

If I don't have this problem, due to not updating my firmware, is is now safe to do so? Or should I wait?

interesting question, it depends if they have fixed the update or if its still the same one. As we need an engineer to physically repair TV, maybe it is something wrong with the TV itself,

meanwhile if it is the TV then holding off installing the update may mean you maybe owning a faulty tv which could mean problems later on. Alternatively install update and if after turning back on you get the blank screen, at least now you can contact the support and get an engineer to fix it.

I think I would install the update personally. 

Let us know what you decide and the results of update if you decided to do it.


Good evening everyone! My name is Ryan and I'm one of the Community Managers here. 


Thank you all for contributing to the thread, the Moderators have started to respond to everyone individually who's been affected. If we've missed you, please respond here so we can get in touch ASAP! 




I have not been contacted but dont want to be contacted. 


I suspect I would get more sense out of conversation with a chimpanzee in a zoo. (No disrespect to the chimp)


Panasonic all the way!


Enjoy your next corporate financial results. 






I had the same fault. I've been calling samsung everyday for a week and yesterday was told they have a fix but it requires an engineer visit rather than a simple firmware update. Booked in for Monday. 


According to the TV Engineering team task for repair in Scotland the new firmware still not working no available time line for fix. I've took my goods back to PC World today and exchanged for an LG


Thanks for nothing SAMSUNG 

...and I concur with your post, Mal - I'm also in Scotland.

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