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Samsung MU Series 2017 Smart TV's will do nothing after Samsung splash screen


I have two 2017 Samsung MU series smart TV's (40" and 60"). Yesterday morning I tried to power them on. After the "Samsung Smart TV" start up screen you cannot access the TV, just a blank black screen.


both TV's less than two weeks old.


i phoned Currys and Samsung support who both stated that this is a known issue and a global fault on all 2017 MU series smart TV's. At present Samsung do not have a fix or a way of delivering the fix to effected devices. Apparently there are A LOT of effected smart TV's in circulation. Many many thousands of devices! 


My choices are;


1/. Wait for a fix

2/. Back to store for exchange of full refund


Is anyone else having this issue? 


Does anyone have an update about a potential fix and delivery method?


i don't really want to take them back as I like Samsung but if there is no fix I have little choice. The communication from Samsung on this issue is poor. Nothing on their website. 




Any news? Anybody has speak with tecnical support ?


I have been affected since friday, myself and my girlfriend have spoken to someone at samsung on the phone and live chat several times, the only answer we have had is that they are aware of the problem and investigating it, no timescale as to when this will be done but my girlfriend was told it could take up to a week.

I am very close to returning the tv and getting LG or Sony instead.

There's another thread on here about this problem and so far no definitive answer from samsung on this one or the other one.

Not impressed!


Just called samsung support once again and the same answer as before "we are aware if the issue and have escalated it, our engineers are aware and are trying to resolve the issue".


I'm 99% certain I'm going to take my two TV's back to currys tommorrow as my 30 days is about to expire.


Ive come to the conclusion that there is no easy fix and that some kind of engineer will be required. If Samsung were able to roll back the firmware remotely or deploy a fixed firmware remotely they would have done so by now. I can't believe a company the size of Samsung would leave customers for so long without an explanation without good reason. So it must be a case of no easy fix available, with a deliberate delay in communications to reduce the number of devices that can be returned under the 30 days criteria. 


I guess the only way forward for me is to go with LG/Sony/Panasonic. 


Im glad in someways as I don't really want to give my money to a company that values its customers so little. I've also been trawling through the Samsung Facebook page which is full of similar stories and poor customer service for a variety of devices. 


So perhaps moving away from Samsung is a good thing. On the plus side at least the TV's didn't burst into flames like their phones! 


Good of luck to all those people beyond 30 days, I guess you'll just have to wait and see what's happens. Ridiculous situation really!!!

Hi James - I think I'll be following suit and taking my TV back to the vendor this weekend. It will definitely not be replaced with another Samsung.

The lack/level of response to this issue is a disgrace and shows a total lack of interest from Samsung in their customers. Stop fobbing people off with 'we're aware of the issue and are working on it' - it's been 5 days, what progress has been made???

Is anyone from Samsung listening???



I think that is a wise move, I just get the feeling that this will go on for some time. 


Good luck with the new TV's, at least we get to go TV shopping again 🙂





Yep same issue with 55inch curved call Samsung support which is really poor got on Twitter got a case file log today.


I phoned Samsung UK support this morning, final chance for some good news. I was told

that Samsung HQ would be updating on the issue by close of play today and that effected customers would be contacted today with an update directly. I was specifically  told that I'd receive a phone call by the end of the day from a Samsung manager with details of what is being done to resolve this issue. 


Surprise surprise, no update, no phone call. What an absolute bunch of cowboys! 


I also found out that Samsung are NOT accepting returns of the MU series devices under 28 days as they see this as a software fault not hardware. So id advise people to contact retailers before taking their devices back for a refund/replacement. 


Fortunatly my retailer has been very understanding and helpful regards this situation. They seem as frustrated as the customer with regards to the service and communications offered by Samsung. 


Terrible company, avoid for all future electronic devices. I thought Train and Telco companies offered poor customer service but Samsung seem to have taken incompetence to a whole new level. 




I have spoken with customer services and emailed the CEO, I did receive a reply saying an engineer can be sent out to restore my tv so that I can use it and to restore my faith in the brand but I can't see that this would be done before my 30 days to return expire.

I have contacted my retailer and they have been amazing, I will be returning my Samsung tv this Saturday and changing for LG thanks to the support they have given.

This will be the last samsung product I ever own and as soon as I am able to change my mobile phone from samsung I will do so.

This is without a doubt the worst service I have ever received especially when the problem has been caused by the company that makes the product.

Good luck to all those that have passed the 30 days, I hope you manage to get somewhere eventually.


Hi all.


We do appreciate the inconvenience to you over this. There's a solution now available. Please see my post here.

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