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Hi! I have a smart tv bought from Dubai, UAE in 2015. I am now in Barcelona, Spain. The tv has worked fine until recently. The tv is stuck in a software loop and keeps restarting and trying to connect to the internet to update the software. I have contacted the samsung service centers in Barcelona and they said that they cannot do anything for me because the tv is not European. So I took the tv to a repair shop that deals with Samsung TVs and they told me that I need to get a new PCB and they can fix the tv for me. However I cannot find the part anywhere. I have even contacted the shop where I bought the tv in Dubai and they are trying to contact Samsung for the part but have been unsuccessful so far. I have contacted Samsung in Spain but they have been no help. Does anyone have a contact number for Samsung where I can complain about this or at least speak to someone to find out where I can find this part. The tv is not even 5 years old and at the moment it looks like I will have to dispose of the tv if I cant find the part to fix it. PLEASE HELP!!!

Google is your best bet
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