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Samsung Frame Art Mode Sucks

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Just paid $2k for a tv with not quite as good quality of video as others in this price range, because I was expecting to be able to use it as an art frame for my paintings and photos. I've spent no less than 4 hours trying to upload images and I've only gotten 2 images to work out of 9.  And one of those will only allow a Shadowbox mat. No rhyme or reason why!  I've done everything right and tried a few workarounds. Did an online chat with Support and they were useless. Samsung needs to stop marketing this TV as an art frame. It's an awful experience. 

😆 Sorry to lol so you paid 2k just to use the art mode feature that samsung use as a marketing ploy! Wouldn't it be easier to connect a laptop via hdmi and use windows or osx to have picture frame! ?
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