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Samsung Frame Art Mode Sucks

(Topic created on: 19-07-2020 02:26 AM)
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Just paid $2k for a tv with not quite as good quality of video as others in this price range, because I was expecting to be able to use it as an art frame for my paintings and photos. I've spent no less than 4 hours trying to upload images and I've only gotten 2 images to work out of 9.  And one of those will only allow a Shadowbox mat. No rhyme or reason why!  I've done everything right and tried a few workarounds. Did an online chat with Support and they were useless. Samsung needs to stop marketing this TV as an art frame. It's an awful experience. 

😆 Sorry to lol so you paid 2k just to use the art mode feature that samsung use as a marketing ploy! Wouldn't it be easier to connect a laptop via hdmi and use windows or osx to have picture frame! ?
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Have the exact same issue... Shame on Samsung... I have a galaxy phone and own 9 other Samsung TV, all work fine.  Just assumed the frame would live up to what they advertised.... The thing is a hunk of junk!!!!! 


I've created a (free) app to easily resize any image for the Frame. After resizing all matte styles will be availbale. Including "No Matte". (Fullscreen).


Out of frustration i've created a (free) app to easily resize any image for the Frame. After resizing all matte styles will be availbale. Including "No Matte". (Fullscreen).



Apple Devices


Android Devices:


 I can now download pictures from usb.  select usb in art mode.  click up to save to my photos and select. boxes then
appear. click on i pictures to tick then save selected and all are saved to my photos

I cropped all pictures to 16.9 


Art Mode is a joke. Samsung should pay you to have it on your TV. A blatant attempt at a cash grab. The amount of storage alloted for user's art is rediculously tiny, and not expandable???? The hardware has all the functionality to make it useful but it is crippled by the "cash grab" software.  How about displaying user's art directly off of the USB port??? Very disapointed in this non feature.

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I cannot agree more.

I just paid $2000 for a Samsung Frame TV 65 (Version 1304.1) that does not perform the functions it was designed to do. I suppose if you purchase the art, it will display nicely.

However, using any sort of personal media via the "My Albums" area is essentially unusable and kludgy to say the least.

I have tried every slideshow available on the Frame TV and while they seem to import pictures, the slideshow either stops after some minutes, or only displays a small subset of the pictures I uploaded. For example, I put 170 pictures from our family trip on a USB drive, plugged it into the TV and imported them (which it says it did). However, it only cycles/plays through maybe the first twenty pictures.

Does Samsung have a Quality Assurance department? How did they not identify the colossal failure in functionality? From what I read on forums, including this one, customer have been complaining about this for years.

Samsung, you are a multi-national organization with virtually unlimited resources. The Samsung Frame TV is the crown in your television product lineup. Why do you release software and functionality that, honestly, just sucks? In comparison, I can setup a slideshow app on my Raspberry Pi computer ($100) and have it running in a few hours plugged into the HDMI port and it would be significantly better.

I will give Samsung the opportunity to reply to this message with an actual solution. Otherwise, I will return the product and get my money back.


Toronto, Canada



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I bought the Frame on the basis of the Art Mode and all its so-called wonders.  I thought I was upgrading from my 27" Meural to a larger 50" equivalent.  I was completely wrong and had to return it after 1 day.

As everyone has already noted, the software on the TV is lacking in functionality in addition to having a typically bad smart TV interface.  The SmartThings app needs to be deleted and re-written so it's not so buggy.  Is it a joke or true ineptitude that choosing a black mat color transmutes into a charcoal gray color once in art mode?  Finally..... The color saturation/quality totally degrades when viewed at anything other nearly straight on.   That's fine for a TV where you are likely sitting in front of it but totally disqualifies as a picture frame.   Last I check, my poster or paintings do not change color saturation as I walk across the room.

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Literally having the same issue, art mode worked relatively fine with own art work but after the latest update all my pictures were deleted and now when uploading the pictures are show on the ugliest mount option they can find. Absolute money-grab. There's no reason to remove this functionality other than to force you to pay.