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Samsung Audio Issues with external devices - who's listening?

(Topic created on: 10-01-2021 03:04 PM)

So you splash out on the "next gen" TV, pay a few extra quid because you feel you've earned something a bit more than a Tesco special - get it delivered, impressed with the set up, picture quality etc. Hurrah. 


Then you plug in your Nvidia shield, home of your collective streaming content and boom, audio drops. Must just be a one off, but no, again, then again? 


The internet tells you its not just the Shield, but SONOS are struggling to make it work, Sky Q in the UK is having issues and your like *****, who do you call? What can Samsung actually do? You can only reset your TV or boxes so many times, and firmware updates are as rare as a night out with the lads. Who is actually listening, and what are these big companies doing about it?


Hate the fact I've paid twice for my Q80T than I did for my old LG, the latter of which I've never had an issue with. My SONOS order is coming next month, and I'm already reading that I'll need an Arcana Fury box to correct lip sync issues - at a price point as premium as the TV. 


Fingers crossed - I've eventually got use to the new menu's and everything, but it would be great if Samsung could even acknowledge where their issues are, and more importantly, what the firmware roadmaps look like so we can make an informed decision on whether to purchase or not.


Maybe a rant, but we'll see how far we can get with this.