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Samsung 8 Series - 4K UHD TV - Smart - LED - with HDR- weird brown color screen

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I wanted to see if anyone has seen this problem before?  My TV is only 3 months old. Went to turn it on yesterday and the screen is this weird tan/brown color. I can’t get to any menus, only thing I can see is when I change the volume. Talked with Samsung customer service yesterday and a tech has to come look at it. Just seeing if anyone knows what I’m in for or any ideas. 


Hi @CC99 


Did you manage to get this resolved or are you still waiting for an engineer?

Still waiting.....I decide to turn it back on and now the screen isn’t tan anymore. The screen is now black but  still can’t see any menus just the volume like before. 

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Anything on this? My tv is doing this currently 

It needed a new panel, motherboard and FFC cables. Basically it was toast. 

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