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Samsung 7 Series TV - Insufficient Storage Error

(Topic created on: 22-06-2022 05:36 PM)
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Hello! Recently I have been receiving the insufficient storage error on my Samsung 7 TV so I bought an external hard drive and plugged it into the TV. The TV recognizes the USB, however I cannot move any apps over to the USB, even ones that I have installed that did not come preset on the TV. I am not sure how to get those on the external drive, and I have searched the internet and the Samsung manual, so I am asking for any recommendations. 

What I don't want is for any updates to my current apps not be applies due to insufficient storage. 

Any help would be appreciated - thanks! 

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Hi @SarahD78  some customers who have had the issue (2018 models seem to be most reported) have found that the Flash reset makes a significant difference. 

Under the Samsung logo on the TV you have a small black button about 2-3cm in from the bottom edge. With the tv turned on
1. press the button at the logo for 5-10 seconds
2. Release the button
3. press the powerbutton on the TV Remote for 5-10 seconds. Tv goes black and then restarts after a while. This is the flash reset and many customers found it provided a solution by increasing the available storage.

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