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Samsung 65" Q90 TV + Samsung HW-Q80R Soundbar + Panasonic UB820EB - Problem

(Topic created on: 03-01-2021 08:00 PM)
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Hi all,


If someone could help with the following problem I am experiencing, I would be very grateful. Here's the situation.


  • Q90 TV connected to OneConnect box via OneConnect Cable.
  • Q80R Soundbar connected to OneConnect box via HDMI 2.1 cable through the HDMI 3 TV Arc port.
  • Panasonic UB820EB 4K Bluray player (Video/Audio HDMI on player) connected to OneConnect box via HDMI2.1 cable through HDMI 1 port.

NOTE: Additionally, I have a separate HDMI 2.1 cable going from the Audio HDMI port on UB820EB player directly to HDMI 1 on the Soundbar as I couldn't confirm if ATMOS was being passed from the Panasonic UB820EB through the OneConnect box to the Soundbar. When the direct cable is connected, I see ATMOS and DTS-X appear on the Soundbar when playing a 4K Bluray disc - no message appeared on the Soundbar when I go through the OneConnect box.


Here's the situation.


Everything works fine initially. When I turn on the TV, TV Arc (as expected) appears on the Soundbar and I can use the various Apps (Netflix) etc., to have sound come through the Soundbar in the correct format (ATMOS, etc.). Likewise with the Bluray player. I can boot up a 4K disc and I am getting the correct sound when I switch the source to HDMI 1 on the Soundbar (this is the direct cable route). All good, no issues. However, if I turn the TV off there is a 50% chance that when I turn it back on, the Soundbar will display 'D.In' and not 'TV Arc', and I can't switch the sound setting on the TV to the Soundbar as it has disappeared as a detected device. The Bluray player is fine. I can turn that on and switch to HDMI 1 and play sound perfectly through that, but there is nothing I can do to get the TV Arc port to function again and detect the Soundbar/TV connection. The only solution I have managed to get working is to disable AnyNet+, power off the TV, and remove the power cable from the Soundbar for 60 seconds. I then turn on the Soundbar, then the TV, and when I re-enable AnyNet+ I have TV Arc appear and all is well with respect to sound coming from the Soundbar for the TV. Should I turn the TV off and go to bed, there is a 50% chance we will be back to square one again and 'D.In' being on the Soundbar display in the morning instead of TV Arc. 

- I should mention, when I say 50% chance, I mean 50% chance this problem will occur. On one or two occasions I can turn the TV off and TV Arc will come back to life upon a subsequent Power On cycle, but once 'D.In' appears upon a Power On cycle, it stays on 'D.In' no matter what I do until I follow my 'solution' above. And, this has occurred consistently whether it's the first boot up after a shut down or the second; it will revert to 'D.In' and not detect the Soundbar, it's just a matter of turning the TV off once, twice, or a third time.


This problem only started happening since I connected the UB820EB. As a test, I removed the power cable from the Bluray player (but kept HDMI's plugged in) for 3 days and the Soundbar + TV combo has worked flawlessly, as before. Every time I turn on the TV I get TV Arc on the Soundbar and all is well. The UB820EB works without fault with regards to sound and connectivity with the Soundbar, so by deduction, the issue must reside with either A) The TV itself and additional devices on HDMI ports or B) the OneConnect box and HDMI port-based devices connected to it. 


I would really appreciate it if someone here could confirm why TV Arc is failing when a device (such as the Bluray player) is also connected to the OneConnect box? Is my TV faulty? Is the OneConnect Box faulty? I can confirm that my Soundbar has worked in every other scenario (Wifi, BT, TV Arc, HDMI 1) and the Bluray player the same. However, when all three devices are connected together and available, it is only a matter of time until the Soundbar and TV no longer detect each other via TV Arc.


Thank you for taking the time to read my message. 



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Is the connection from your bluray player to tv necessary since your soundbar can passthrough the video signal? Does the issue persist if you remove that HDMI from between your player and tv? 

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Hi, I am experiencing exactly the same problem! I currently have a Samsung qe65qn900b tv connected to Samsung 900b soundbar via earc hdmi ports. Then Panasonic ub820 4k player connected to soundbar from video/audio hdmi port on player to hdmi 1 port on soundbar. Works fine when first set up. Then, when power off over night, the tv completely fails to recognise the soundbar, so only get sound through the tv speakers!!! So annoying! Did you manage to find a solution to this? Thanks.