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Samsung 55Q70B TV Sound Problem with eARC

(Topic created on: 24-10-2022 06:22 PM)
First Poster

Hi everybody,

I am getting very poor sound quality when connecting via earc between q70b tv and q800b soundbar that I bought last week. When I connect the sound system to my phone via bluetooth, it shakes the house at the 15th level, while the TV connection (eARC) only gives a loud but terrible sound at the 40th level.

With remote access to the TV, its ports were reset, but nothing changed. The service came and said that the situation was normal, but I wanted the motherboard of the TV to be changed.

While there is no problem in applications such as amazon, netflix, youtube, there is such a problem in digital cable broadcasting. Moreover, when I connect the sound system to the TV (digital cable tv) via bluetooth, the sound quality improves, but when I connect with the earc cable or optical cable with the highest data transfer level, I get poor sound quality. It is also a comedy that the incoming service employee said that bluetooth is the best/quality connection method to use. Also when I connect my external ssd to watch bluray or dvd's I cant't get sound.

When I connect my old samsung television (40 inch ue series) to the same sound system, I can get the sound quality it should be (DTS 2.0). When I use only the TV's own speakers, the soundbar outputs louder. Also, the signal amplification option for the HDMI ports does not work either.

I tried all the hard reset, step by step installation etc. but no good. TV only sends PCM to the soundbar no DD or passthrough.

They are going to change the motherboard of TV and I'll update the situation.