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Samsung 55" Q70A 4K QLED(various problems)

(Topic created on: 12-06-2022 11:33 AM)

I just bought this TV, and have a hard time learning to use the remote control. I think the manual that is in the Tv is kind of useless. There are so many things that are not explained well enough. This is my first smart Tv and I am not impressed. The picture is often very wavery/fluttering(I think it is called in english). 

Is there any way to fix this?. Or is it standard?. 


The remote control have a lot of features I still don´t understand. The coloured 123-button, is an example.

It seems that I should somehow be able to use the red, yellow, blue and green buttons that appear very shortly, when i press it twice(as I remember), but they just do nothing, when I press them, and I get a message "not available"(translated from danish). So is there a way to adjust these virtual buttons and is there a way to find out what they do?.

The first game I tried to download was Tetris. Unfortunately I had to use the buttons 0 and 9 in the game.

So I have to press the 123-button first to get the numeric display, and then press 0 or 9?. 

That is not very smart, when playing Tetris.


I really wish there was a normal type of remote control for this Tv, and I wish the picture quality was good. 

I think this is my last samsung Tv.