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Samsung 5 Series Smart TV - Downgrade in Quality

(Topic created on: 13-12-2020 01:13 PM)
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I was so pleased with my previous Samsung Smart TV that I had no hesitation in purchasing a new 5 Series 32 inch TV. Model number - UE32N5300. I only purchased my TV in January 2020 but the new TV is significantly worse TV than the older TV it replaced. The new TV takes a ridiculously long time to warm up when switched on. Whilst the TV is warming up the remote will not work. The new remote is minuscule. There is now an annoying app banner that automatically appears on the screen when TV is turned on. This also appears intermittently when you don’t want it to, usually having undertaken a press of the remote, such as the ‘guide’ key. The sound regularly disappears requiring a self-diagnosis test. I also get a ‘no signal’ message where I get no picture at a all! The TV remains connected to the net. The Samsung troubleshooting doesn’t cover this eventuality and so when this first occurred I had to search the web for the answer. The answer is to turn off the TV and unplug from the wall socket for a few minutes. How frustrating! Samsung purposely make it hard to contact them for support. I would be interested to hear if anyone thought their new Samsung device was a poorer version of an earlier model? I would have expected new tech to be an improvement, not a downgrade?