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**Samsung 2020 Series TV Motion/Judder/Stutter/Frame Rate (Firmware Bug/Glitch)**

(Topic created on: 12-03-2021 12:13 PM)

Hello, I have a TU8500 TV and the micro stutter on this TV is awful, whether you are watching Sky or streaming, it is the same awful stutter, I have changed every setting and it is still there and the diagnostic settings say everything is ok. Playing games on the Xbox is ok no stutter. Please Samsung will you look into fixing your firmware/software as I have seen other posts from people with the same problems, this has really put me off purchasing Samsung products in the future.

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Same issue for me - on the same model of TV. Have spoken to their support and they're wanting me to film this stuttering on my phone and send it over to them - however the affect doesn't appear too clearly on the phone recording.

Have you hear anything from them as I keep hitting a dead-end with their support.


hello, when I first got the TV, I contacted Samsung support as there were an error message in the diagnostic settings, which said there was juddering on the picture. Samsung remotely connected to the TV and the error  message was removed and never came back. Unfortunately the judder still remained. The worst program that judders is “would I lie to you” watched on a Sky HD box, but the judder is present on other other programs and streaming. 


I recently got a full refund back from the TV through a Section 75 case opened with a credit card company.

If you bought it  with a credit card you can still get a refund and keep the TV aswell. 

Open a dispute case with your credit card company. Tell them that there's a problem with the TV from when you bought it and Samsung isn't willing to fix it. Or even send an Engineer to look at it. 

They will contact Samsung on your behalf or they will call where ever you bought the TV from. 

In my case we bought it from Curry's .

Make sure your TV is still in warranty with Samsung or where ever you bought it from and report the problem within 6 months of your purchase. Provide a receipt of proof of purchase.

Forward your credit card dispute company all this group chat info of all the customers who are unhappy with Samsung 2020 range of TV.


Your credit card company will ask you to prove that you have tried multiple times to contact Samsung to try and resolve this issue before they will force Samsung to get an engineer to look at the issue. 

This may take a while but persevere, work with the credit company and give them what ever they ask for and then you will get a your Full Refund from Samsung or the credit card company as it is like a loan you used to buy the TV and they are liable for any companies who fail to refund their customers if there is good reason. In this case a fault straight from Samsungs production line, also you will keep the TV aswell as receiving the refund from the credit card company.

We got £899 back from the Q80T from buying it on black Friday but those people who paid more will get more.


If Samsung Engineers lie about the situation and say there is no fault.

Just ring up your local TV repair shop and get them to look at it to confirm the nonsense. 

You may have to pay for the check up but it should be well worth it. 


Have a lovely day. Don't stress, Get to work.  I wish you your Full Refund back and more.

Love to you guys and tell Samsung to stick to making phones and other tech not 4K high resolution TVs 

LG had the right idea quiting phones. 

And no one likes Bixby get it in your heads already and stop forcing people to update and download bloatwares  they don't NEED! which slow down your phone!

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I have the same TV model (TU8500) .. apparently for the processing settings to be really off you have to choose the "Movie" Picture Mode ... and that did it for me.


the stuttering happened again in "Movie Mode" and I needed to turn on "Game Mode" and that seem to solve it until now ...

Edit 2:

Samsung what's wrong with you (best hardware & worst software)

you still need to go to Settings => General => External Device Manager => Game Mode Settings => Game Motion Plus Settings and turn it off. And that seems to ... don't wanna jinx it .