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S95B - Popping sounds (only with E-ARC enabled) when I switch channels or browsing streaming video with AVR or AMPs

(Topic created on: 17-05-2023 11:04 AM)
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Hello guys,

does anyone else have a setup where by they use the e-ARC system to transfer audio to their AV amplifier? 

If I switch HDMI earc to Auto in the menu system there is a horrible popping clipping sound when the audio tries to sync. This can be heard at all levels, changing programmes on Samsung TV, browsing Netflix or PrimeAudio or AppleTV movies and even when watching a Blu Ray via earc.

If the HDMI earc is set to off utilising the normal ARC then the audio is fine. There are no pops or clicks.

The problem with this is switching HDMI to off means you cannot pass through the hi resolution audio codecs. Is it normal?