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remove the Samsung TV Ad from homescreen

(Topic created on: 03-04-2023 10:26 PM)
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I have recently bought a Samsung QE50Q60BAUXXU

Every time I turn it on or go to the home screen, a really annoying ad starts up for Samsung TV plus, "1000s of movies and TV shows..." 

Does anybody, for the love of god, know how to disable this?

(It's absolutely mad that an automatic ad is built into your own tv!)




You can remove it by keeping the app in focus and pressing the down button to see the options - Move and Remove.


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Thank you, but unfortunately, that's the app you're referring to, not the 'ad', which sits in between the 'apps' logo and the list of apps.

It seems to be hard-baked into screen and not something you can select in the same way you can the app logos.  But any time you run the cursor-box over it (which you pretty much have to every time you try to select an app) the advert for Samsung TV starts playing.

I have already removed the Samsung TV App and it hasn't removed the ad or stopped it for playing sadly.


I noticed it just now :smiling-face:

I did the following - 

1. Made the Samsung TV Plus app visible again. 

3. Turned on cable TV app ( just to switch to another app) and  then disabled Samsumg TV plus

3. Removed Terrestial Live TV tile ( it keeps coming back though everything i turn on my TV)

4. Forced restarted the TV ( keeping the power button on the remote pressed till i saw the QLED text).


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Hi @autorick You could try  @Neo001 's suggestions.

However if that does not work some other advice.   Go to Menu-General-Smart features- Disable Auto Run Smart Hub and Auto Run last app.

To disable personalised Adverts go to Setings-Terms and Privacy.  in privacy Settings Disable I consent to Internet Based Advertisements.  You may need to also disable it the section specifically named I consent to Internet Based Services where it says Enable to make the content and advertising on Smart Tv more interactive. If there is anything else that  you do not want such as Voice Recognition services you wish to disable that as well.  It may then be a good idea to reset PSID  which is the item at the bottom of the list   (ID for personalised services) you may also be able to go to  Broadcasting-Expert Settings and disable Hbbtv.

It is also possible to blacklist certain domains via your Router's Admin settings  though you might find it a bit more involved. The Gitbub article is referring to the US site and not the European communities.

See more in this articles Tv Ads 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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I have no solution. I tried what was suggested in this thread, but that doesn’t solve the issue:
1) The Samsung advertising appears as the first app as a wide button. 
2) The top of the screen displays Baywatch or other content which I don’t want to see

3) Next to the recent app/program used appears a section On Now with Samsung TV content. 

I don’t want any of these. It’s my TV, my home screen, I want to simply see my apps and streaming providers I’ve selected. 

I find this intrusive and there’s obviously no way to turn this off? 

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Jay122 I totally agree. If you figure out how to remove the displays and the app, please post and let me know, thanks. 

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I think there was a lawsuits for the kindle for doing something like this. Seems pretty similar situation.

Adam Zappel

I’m super annoyed by this. I hadn’t noticed it until recently on my Frame 55” 2019 version.  It’s a dumb move…for me a reason not to buy Samsung after this. 

Any way we can delete that weird ad? It’s a Samsung ad for something.. I never read what it is but I saw it says Samsung


I think I got it. 
1) bring back the Samsung TV app to your homescreen apps menu. - Menu - Connected Devices - prsss down on Samsung TV Plus down to add to Home Screen. 

2) go to the Home Screen. Select STVplus app and delete from homescreen. In the new pop up select disable. Going back to Homescreen you might see less of STV now. But not all gone. 

3) I did a reset restart by pressing the power button on the remote until the TV restarts.

4) I also opted out of personalised advertising int the privacy settings

5)I went to menu, privacy, reset PSID and then restarted again. Press remote power button long until tv restarts.  


good luck. Hope it works. 

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