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Region change QE-Q7FN - how??? I want to use my country app and satellite providers!!!


Hi everyone,

I have just bought new 65” QLED TV (QE-Q7FN). All was fine until I realized I can only select Austria,Germany,Switzerland as a Region. Respectively I cannot see apps that I am interested in! Same with cable/satellite providers!!,

I am a polish origin guy, living in Luxembourg, who bought the TV in Germany...

It is ONE EUROPE! Why the hell Samsung blocks me from using content from ten Country I want?!

I cannot find any place in TV settings where I could change the region and see polish apps.


Anybody have a clue if this can be done? 


This TV was around 2k EUR and I cannot use the basic functions! It is extremely disappointing... 

Thank you in advance for your help!



Is this working with QE55Q80R, I've got the same country setting problem?
If it works is is a sequence to press successively mute, Volume +, Channel + then mute or it is simultaneous pressing (in this case I don't understand the 2 mute)?


hi, its working also on q8. type one by one not all together


I’d love to try that sequence but my reset button is greyed out and the Start Setup option doesn’t exist. I have a Q60 Series. What can I do?


unplug tv from wall. turn it on. to be able to do reset you have to be in live tv mode. not in app or other mode like sattelite or android box... then uou will be able to reset

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