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Region change QE-Q7FN - how??? I want to use my country app and satellite providers!!!


Hi everyone,

I have just bought new 65” QLED TV (QE-Q7FN). All was fine until I realized I can only select Austria,Germany,Switzerland as a Region. Respectively I cannot see apps that I am interested in! Same with cable/satellite providers!!,

I am a polish origin guy, living in Luxembourg, who bought the TV in Germany...

It is ONE EUROPE! Why the hell Samsung blocks me from using content from ten Country I want?!

I cannot find any place in TV settings where I could change the region and see polish apps.


Anybody have a clue if this can be done? 


This TV was around 2k EUR and I cannot use the basic functions! It is extremely disappointing... 

Thank you in advance for your help!




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and now you can choose countryand now you can choose country


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Hey @Matzioos


You'd only be able to select from the countries offered at set up, this is due to copyright ristrictions 

You wouldn't be able to change the country to one outside of this. 



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Hi @TracyR


I disagree. 


There are two fundamentally wrong things:

- I get content / region restriction to DACH countries, while being located in Luxembourg. I should not be penalized that I purchased the product on a single european market, where move of goods and services is free. What Samsung is doing is wrong.

- I don't get the content (access to apps), where I pay for subscriptions - Poland. This is also wrong.


Regulation on copyright in EU have changed some months ago (in force as of Q1 2018) and I really don't understand how Samsung can do something like this. Why on Apple product I can use any app I want, from any Country I want? 


See the details on EU website on the topic.


Good summary:


Main elements:




The practice by some companies to unnecessarily stop consumers from using their on-line service in another country, often without justification, and to redirect traffic to a local store with different prices and products than those in other countries.


MEPs said in a resolution it was unjustified to block consumers from accessing goods and services online on the basis of their IP address, postal address or country and said that the practice should end.


Net neutrality


The principle that internet service providers should treat all online content, sites and platforms equally, for instance without blocking or slowing down on purpose competing websites or services.


A net neutrality guarantee is part of the telecoms package and the rules on this entered into force on 30 April 2016.


Detailed document:




I just made the exact same mistake today... 

Does anyone know how to select another country than Germany/Austria/Switzerland?


Might be that in Samsung they did not realize yet that there is something called European Union and that there is a free flow of people, services and capital.... Response both on forum as well as via tech service was not helping at all.


It is a first and last product of Samsung that I purchased. Picture quality and overall design is indeed very good, but country restrictions are totally unacceptable in this era and make this over 2000 EUR TV not worth the price...
Happy that I finally decided to go with iPhone again, despite being heavily tempted to go with the new Galaxy. 


Same situation for me in Luxembourg 

i bought my qled 3 weeks ago and regarding the available  apps IT S A SHAME for the price i paid.

no belgian or french app available!!!

first and last Samsung  purchase 

Hi. Did anybody find a solution this problem? I'm about to buy that TV but now need to reconsider this purchase. Thanks

go to settings and then run settings. when on terms and conditions, press mute-vol+prog+mute and you will be able to change country. Works on my qled 2018 65 4K


Thanks, I'd love to try, but where I find mute button here?
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I have same remote, just push volume button 😉

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