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Red/blue ghosting on 55" KS7000. Discussed on forum with 260k views.


I've had a weird issue with my 55 KS7000 here in the UK.   Intermittently I would get red and blue ghosting for a fraction of a second.  A game or streamed TV show would look normal, except for a moment  some part of the frame would have a red and blue outline.


This outline would wobble and track with the action, but with red and blue silhouettes following the action.   I always use the TV in game mode.   


Other people are having this issue too.   It's being discussed on NeoGAF, which is a  well-known gaming forum with 178,000 members.    The thread where people are talking about the TV has 262,000 views.    One of the posters believes its a firmware issue.


Can someone from Samsung let us know what's going on.

One thing - the poster on the NeoGaf forum and me are on different firmware. I'm on 1154 and he says he's on 1155. I assume he's not in the UK.
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Hi this has been happening to me and I've seen quite a few posts on the avforums or user who also have the issue. Heres a link to the issue on avforums

Im currently on 1155 which I manually installed myself and the issue is still there.

Hi Redblueproblems,


What's the picture like when your TV isn't in Game Mode? What do you have connected to it?




Thanks for the reply.


I beleive I've only noticed the problem in Game mode.  There is an original PlayStation 4 plugged into the One Connect box.  Nothing else.


Luckily, I have not seen the issue happen for about ten hours, across gameplay in different games and also different streaming services used on the PS4.


However, I can *make* the issue happen - in games that have an HDR mode, toggling in and out of it will cause the separation.    Turn HDR off and for a moment there'll be ghosting in normal mode.  Turn it back on and the same happens.


This is turning HDR off in the game without touching any of the TV's settings.


I am not the only person having this issue.    Here is a thread on the US forum


And here is the thread with 260K views.   I found this while looking on Google, so I suspect other people thinking about buying a Samsung will see it too.



Might be an idea to have someone from the PR team try to help manage this, take some of the load off you.


Is this problem ackwnoledge by Samsung? Its really anoying and happens randomlly only in game mode. It seems that the Red\Blue lags and seems like an old 3d movie (red\blue glasses)


I experienced the same issue, while playing


The Last Guardian

Dishonored 2


on Ps4 Pro with HDR enabled on KS7000


Is this an hardware problem or something that can be adjusted ???

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Hi, I am having this exact same issue for about a month now.


Randomly I get what I could only describe as the TV trying to do 3D mode, when it is not a 3D capable TV.


My TV is the Samsung UE55KS8000TXXU and I am on firmware version 1169.


What happens is exactly what the OP's issue is described as. There seems to be a silhouette around the objects on the screen. This silhouette apprears to track with these obejects as if its trying to stay ahead of the movement (Or the real image is lagging behind the silhouette).

I always have the TV in game mode, so I have not seen this in any other TV modes. 

I also run the TV mainly on the original PS4.

I have noticed the image bug during playing games and streaming. All via PS4.


I have had the TV for several months, but only within the last month have I started to get this issue. 

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I have this issue on my UE49KS7000, I think it's actually red, blue and green for me, it is momentary and only on Game mode as far as I'm aware (never happened on HDR+ mode) I'm playing on Xbox One when this happens, it's like the colour separating and bleeding, waving the image across the screen, can make gaming very frustrating and more to the point shouldn't happen, on this otherwise great (and expensive) TV. I've seen so many posts over the internet about this issue, back from early 2016! Samsung needs to update us! Is it software, hardware? Fixable or not? Also this doesn't seem like a issue that is affected by region or firmware version


I went through a process of checks with Samsung support, most included trying different HDMI ports, different cabling and soft factory reset etc. None of them worked and as the last thing to try, we rewrote the EDID settings of my TV in relation to HDMI connections.


This has to be done by ringing up Samsung support on 0330 726 7864 (UK) or 0818 717 100. Then explaining your situation and that you want to reset the EDID settings. The whole process took about 10 minutes or less. 


Since doing this I have only noticed on a couple of occassions the TV doing this image issue. But it was much reduced and lasted a fraction of a second compared to almost 1 second. It was barely noticable.


Also I wouldn't personally use HDR+ as it is a fake HDR which oversaturates the image. 

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