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Recording via TV's usb port

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I have the Samsung UE40KU6020 HDR 4K UHD tv. I have checked the manual and seen that I need an external hard drive to record on (min 500 MB and 5,400 rpm). However, I cannot find a suitable drive that has an external power source - they all use the usb connection as the power source. Will this type of usb-powered drive work with my tv?


[quote="Mackem_Beefy"]I have the same question. Can I record to an external HDD drive on standby on a Samsung Smart TV model UE40KU6000K where the hard drive does not have it's own power supply?[/quote]


I've managed to answer my own question.   if you're using a hard drive, it seems to depend upon the power consumption of the device.


I firstly tried a Western Digital Passport 1 TB HDD external drive.   When the Samsung Smart TV tested the device, it reported that the test had failed.


I next tried a 2.5" internal 500 GB HDD drive placed into an external drive caddy.   The Samsung Smart TV reported the drive was suitable WITHOUT an external power supply.   The drive has recorded successfully on five occasions with the TV in standby mode.  


There has been one partial fail, as a friend rang just at the start of a film I wanted to watch.   I tried to start recording as he rang, but it appears I didn't mange to hit the record button correctly.   The phone call lasted 40 minutes and I note recording had started at the point the phone call finished.   As the phone I was on was a mobile, there was no way the phone could have affected the record.   I guess I started the record again at the point the phone call ended and it looks like the one fail was my fault.


If you are using a larger, 3.5" HDD drive, you will need to use an external power supply.   2.5" HDD drives with an external power supply should also work.


It appears WD Passport HDD drives without an external power supply will NOT work.


However, a low power, internal 2.5" HDD drive placed into a caddy WILL work without attaching the  external power supply.


I tried a USB stick and can read from it.   However, the Samsung TV reported on testing it was NOT suitable to record to and I suspect power might not be sufficient or be borderline for recording in standby mode.


This last bit is strange as I would have though the USB stick would have required less power thatn the internal 2.5" HDD drive.


For reference, the 2.5" HDD drive I have that works on standby mode WITHOUT an external power supply is as follows:



500 GB Capacity, 5400 rpm


Drive Rev ARAAA03/AX001A

DC +5V 1.0A (i.e. very low power)

Date of Manufacture: 09DEC2016 (9th December 2016)



Hope that helps.




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