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"Customer Service"**help needed

(Topic created on: 17/10/18 23:31)

Just wanted to inform people of my situation and maybe get some advice. I bought a 55" 4k curved tv in February 2017. It didn't leave the box until October 2017 as I was renovating my new house. April 2018 the tv had lines running down the middle so I contacted Currys, where I bought the tv but they said to contact Samsung direct. Samsung arranged their "expert engineers" to replace the screen under warranty. 6 months later, October 2018, the screen has gone faulty again with a completely different fault than from before. The tv is wall mounted and NOTHING has touched it since it was out on the wall.


Samsung refused to do anything about it because it was out of the 12 month warranty, even though the first fault with the tv had been identified within the warranty period. Eventually dealing with the worst customer service I've ever experienced, got them to arrange someone to come and fix it tomorrow. Acting as though they were doing me a favour. 


To make the matter even worse since the day I bought the tv I've been based in Portsmouth and Plymouth so returning home to glasgow was a one weekend a month at the most event. Meaning for he full 18 months I've owned the t.v. id be lucky if it had been on more than 20 times. Obviously the tv is not fit for purpose and they've sold me a lemon. I've contacted citizens advice and they have passed the case to trading standards. 


Has anyone dealt with anything similar? Is really appreciate some advice if you have. Really annoyed that £1000 Tv only lasts 18 months (of very very ocassional use) and Samsung think that's acceptable.